Thursday, February 20, 2014


Greetings, my dear readers and a very happy new year 2014 to all of you.  May all your wishes, aspirations and desires be fulfilled in this new year. 

Now that I have spent a solid 18 months in India, I am slowly beginning to assimilate the customs, practices etc., that were a huge shock in the first few months.  Since I now no longer have a 9- 5 job that keeps me busy during the day, I do have time at my disposal for the first time in 12 years.  With the kids at school for the major part of the day, I have to find ways to amuse myself and keep both my body and mind agile.
I decided what better way to keep fit than to join an exercise class that would have a two fold benefit:  keep me fit and make new friends.  The new India offers more options than just the yoga and walking that we had in our days.  I decided to explore the world of Zumba!! 

Thus began my sojourn with my newfound activity every other morning with a bunch of other ladies, all of an uncertain age north of 30.  My instructor is a flexible, attractive woman under 30, who moves like lightning.  After the first few days of vainly trying to replicate the moves and jumps and twirls of the Instructor,  I have accepted the limitations of my own body and found compromises that may not look magnificent, but leave me with less body aches at the end of the day.

Highlight of the week was a pre-valentine zumba dance party where participants from all batches arrived with their instructors to dance away their worries.  I must say I was a bit nervous to see some younger, hipper crowd and wondering if my clumsy moves would make the cut.  I was next to a chubby guy who had two left feet and his arms had a mind of their own.  In comparison, my moves were as graceful as a gazelle and soon my confidence returned after which I pretty much didn't care who saw me.  I am not proud of making unfair comparisons, but human nature is frail, and I needed a small boost to my self-esteem.

In the India that I have come back to,  40 is the new 30 (just like in the US).  When we were growing up here, once you got married and had kids, women let themselves go and did not have the time or the inclination to seek out options for their own enjoyment.  Now it is a pleasant change to see that women are making the time to carve out time for themselves and boldly exploring options that were once considered taboo. 

With that, I leave you dear readers to zumba your worries away!  Until next time, adios, dear readers...........


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